Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unfortunatly my internet is now

Unfortunatly my internet is now disconnected as many of you know. So my posts will be far between. So untill a neighbor takes pity...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have a Hee Haw Christmas!

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Christmas Tree Hunting

On Saturday we took the kids (minus Hannah, she was sick) to go pick out a tree. We have a nice fake one that we usually put up, but this year I rearranged the living room so that we could put in a HUGE one in our vaulted ceiling. And since we couldn't afford a huge fake one, we decided to get a tree permit (10 dollars) and go hunting for one. We went with another family and took hot dogs up, which made it even more fun. It only took about 45 mins to get there and then once we got there, I think it only took like 10 minutes before Kevin found THE ONE. I wanted it tall and BUSHY. I like them thick.
This is THE ONE! Kevin cut it down like Paul Bunion.

We had to cut off the top just a little for it to fit in the space that we had, plus it was a little sparse up top anyways. So Austin thought it made a good Austin tree. Then we carried it back to the truck.

This is us standing in front of our prized tree.

Then we took it home and decorated it. I found out really fast that I didn't have enough lights, so I had to go buy some. Like 10 more boxes. LOL. I think its beautiful. Hannah does too, she like to pull the decorations off and carry them around.