Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to normal

I think my life has come back to some normalcy... I think... Maybe.   Hopefully.  (knock on wood)  :)  We all live under the same roof again, our OWN roof, and since school has started back, I'm back on schedule.  I'll tell you though, the past two years have been rough, and when I thought that it was over, and it couldn't get worse... I got proven wrong.  But I made it.. I'm back... and a little stronger I think.  Plus now I have an "agent" workin for me on the other side. :)  But it I wouldn't have made it without Heavenly Fathers help, care, and love.  Okay nuff said about that.  I don't think I have enough room to make up for 2 years on here so how bout I start from now.  :)  We moved into this sweet house that we are renting until the short sale is finished (all for a very low price of.... $650 a month!)  

Kevin's job is going great.  We moved in, got the kids registered for school, just in time for the kids to make friends before starting.  We have GREAT neighbors here.  Its a nice little tight community, FULL of kids!
When school hit, Madison started 2nd grade this year, and Austin started... KINDERGARTEN!  

I cried when they both left me.  Now its just me and Hannah at home... must be time to start thinkin about havin another one.. LOL.  Can't get TOO comfortable.

Here's Austin talkin about going to school.
In other news, my church ask me to serve as the second councilor in the Primary Presidency.  Fun huh?  There are around 150 kids in primary and nursery!  Wow is right.  I'm excited about it.  The hardest part now, is trying to remember, who is who. :)  I got the neighbor kids down, so that makes only 140 to go! lol.  
We've had lots of fun swimming in Grandpa's pool this summer, and Austin is quite the acrobatic now.  He'll do just about anything.  Madison and Austin both taught themselves to swim this spring when we went to Las Vegas.  That has been nice.  Now Austin can do front flips INTO the pool, swim under water, open his eyes under water, and other daring things.  Madison is a bit more like me... more reserved when it comes to danger. 
Austin's in that age now that he's learned to do a ton of things all within a short period of time.  Swim, tie his shoes, Ride on two wheels, and best of all he lost his first tooth. 
He is still so proud of his lost tooth, he shows it to anybody who passes... yes even strangers walking on the street.  He bought an ice cream with his tooth fairy money.  He tells the strangers that too.  :)

Speaking of ice cream... if that darn ice cream truck comes down this street one more time... I'm going to strangle him!  Don't you know the kids will want it??  Don't you know that they will beg and plead and NEVER leave you alone until you have given them a dollar for the ice cream truck.  Thats 3 bucks for me each time!  Dear Ice Cream Truck Man,  do you have to come EVERY FREAKING DAY???  I"M BROKE NOW!  It was a fun at first... but if I hear your truck play another round of skip to my lou again, i'm shootin out your tires.  Thank you - Yours truly, Crazy Mom. :)

Well thats all the updating that I can think of for now.  On a side note, I finished the last book in the Hunger Games series tonight.  I'm not sure if I liked it or not... yes I got everything that I wanted in the end, but for what cost....those that have read it, what do you think?