Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unfortunatly my internet is now

Unfortunatly my internet is now disconnected as many of you know. So my posts will be far between. So untill a neighbor takes pity...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have a Hee Haw Christmas!

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Christmas Tree Hunting

On Saturday we took the kids (minus Hannah, she was sick) to go pick out a tree. We have a nice fake one that we usually put up, but this year I rearranged the living room so that we could put in a HUGE one in our vaulted ceiling. And since we couldn't afford a huge fake one, we decided to get a tree permit (10 dollars) and go hunting for one. We went with another family and took hot dogs up, which made it even more fun. It only took about 45 mins to get there and then once we got there, I think it only took like 10 minutes before Kevin found THE ONE. I wanted it tall and BUSHY. I like them thick.
This is THE ONE! Kevin cut it down like Paul Bunion.

We had to cut off the top just a little for it to fit in the space that we had, plus it was a little sparse up top anyways. So Austin thought it made a good Austin tree. Then we carried it back to the truck.

This is us standing in front of our prized tree.

Then we took it home and decorated it. I found out really fast that I didn't have enough lights, so I had to go buy some. Like 10 more boxes. LOL. I think its beautiful. Hannah does too, she like to pull the decorations off and carry them around.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Picture Time

Last night we went and got family pictures done. It went pretty smoothly for having an 18 month year old. Of course she wanted to run, but she did well enough for the pictures. She's not totally smiling, but with Austin we were just happy to not have any crying pictures. :) We were there for 2 HOURS THOUGH!!!! I made an appointment, but evidently people are all getting their Xmas photo's done. So it was crazy. We were at the mall so while we were there waiting for the pics to come to the computer, we took them to the play place. And then noticed that Santa was already there! So they had to go say hi to him. :) They loved it, it was so cute. We didn't get a picture of Madison because we have her's from school. (so before you can ask where's Madison's picture, there ya go) :)

The picture of the 3 kids is my favorite, and believe it or not, it was Hannah's favorite to do! She thought it was funny and wanted to keep doing it. :)

This was the first year for Austin to sit still and and take a good picture, I was VERY proud of him.

And there's my angel, right before she broke down and had enough picture taking. :) LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Madison's Pageant

Madison has been working really hard these past couple of days on The Little Miss Rigby Pageant. She had done really well learning 2 dances and then doing them in front of a LOT of people. She did the Pageant tonight and did VERY WELL. We'll get the video in about a week, so I'll post some of it later. But here's some pictures from it. Her age group was K-2nd grade, so she did well for her age. Of course a second grader got it, but she had fun and that's all that matters to her. Her "Big Sister" (the girl who helped her learn her dance and took care of her) awarded her with The Little Miss Cutie Pie award.

Mommy and Daddy were so proud of her. She did so good.

This was Madion's big sister, she was a doll.

Beautiful GIRL!

Twilight Movie

Okay, So I went to go see Twilight. The sneak preview at Midnight, yeah, I'm obsessed. :) Anyways, we had a ball, felt like teenagers again. I went down to Pocatello, so I could go with Kevin's mom and sister. I made t-shirts for everyone, because..... welll..... I told you I'm obsessed. We stayed up late, and had fun. I can't comment on the movie, cuz, well lets just say, its not the book. But in the end.... I still liked it. We had a blast and wish it wasn't over.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calling all Troops: Austin's Awesome 4th Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Austin's 4th birthday. What a big boy I have now. Time is flying by. And with each year, he gets a little easier. :) This year he wanted to have all boys at his birthday. He wanted a "boy birthday". He originally wanted a Curious George birthday, but after going to ALL of the stores in Idaho Falls, I could not find any Curious George stuff. Course I found them online and the wanted a million bucks for it. :) So his second theme he picked out was the military theme. We had a lot of fun with that. When the kids got there, they got a dog tag, a military metal, and some face paint on their faces. They got a kick out of that.

Everyone Dressed up for his birthday. Even baby Hannah put on some of her older brothers cameo. :) Everyone looked great.

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. He was so excited to turn 4.

We played all sorts of games. This one I was a drill Sergent and the boys had to do exactly what I said for boot camp. They LOVED IT. Unfortunately by the time we got the video camera running. They had run out of steam.

They had to throw their parachuted man into the landing zone.

They also had to get thier light sticks and search for the "injured soliders" in the basement.

They did a pinata, played hot grenade, and played Sergent says too. All the games were a hit. Then it was time to open presents. Usually the highlight of the night. :)

After it was all said and done Austin gave some love to his Sergent Mommy. We found out later that all the boys loved the party. One of them wouldnt take off his dog tag. EVER. One of them wouldn't take off his face paint till right before church on Sunday. And one of them told his mom, "it was better than my birthday, your birthday, dad's birthday, and my brothers birthday, all put together." Wow - that s a pretty good birthday. :)

Happy Birthday Austin

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night: Part Two Trick or Treating

Okay the second half of our night consisted of going Trick or Treating with the kids. Then taking them to the Fall Festival at our church, and then trunk or treating in the parking lot. We got the GOODS! And Hannah was so cute, she was so excited because the kids were excited, she knew she wanted to do whatever they were doing. LOL. Earlier that day, Madison had a party at her school and she got to dress up for it. But I didn't let her leave with out eating her brains and blood. She is after all my little vampire. :) LOL Then when I picked her up from school that day, I was all dressed up in my costume, and her and the kids loved it.

Then off to trick or treating:

Hannah was OFF! She was ready to GO!