Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dance Dance

I just thought I wasnt going to post till next week, but then the kids had to go get cute on me. :) So I was feeling a little retro this morning and put in Backstreet Boys CD, their first one. Next thing I know, the kids all run in, (including baby Hannah) and start jammin! Not just a little dancing, but they were ALL OUT! So cute. They were SO in it. LOL.

The kids DID NOT get their dancing "skills" from me. They have their Father written all over them. LOL!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Insane Week

I have an insane week ahead of me. My husband left this morning to go fishing 8 hours away. He will be gone till Wednesday at about 4 in the morning. Meanwhile we are having a Halloween party, which we throw every year for his birthday (its on Halloween) this Saturday. We are leaving Wednesday afternoon to go down to Salt Lake City. Kevin has some interviews and physical fitness stuff to do for his new job on Thursday and Friday. Which means we don't get home till Friday night. Which means I have to get the house and all the details ready by Wednesday! That means cleaning out the playroom downstairs, moving everything into another room, and then spooky-fying it. :) Along with that, the kids are having there primary program on Sunday, so since both sets of grandparents are going to be here for the party on Saturday night, they might as well spend the night for church the next day..... soooooo... I gotta get all those beds together. And then....... oh yes I'm not done yet........ on Saturday (the day of the party) the kids have their primary program practise at 9:00. At the same time we have our super Saturday. So drop them off, do a craft, pick them up, go home, and start cooking for the party. (Hopefully everything will be decorated by then) Then get all kids cute and scary for the party. Whewww...... So did you catch my entire itinerary???? Tues: finish the decorating and cleaning for the party, get beds ready for guests. Wed: Pack for Utah, drive to Utah, get there 4 hours later. Sleep. WOW. Thurs: Kevin goes off to the interviews. When he gets back, we go look at houses with the Realtor. Fri: Kevin does more interviews, I take kids to a hayride with my sister. Oh wait, I have to go see my grandma that's in town too. :) Leave to go back home Friday night. Barely sleep in anticipation for the next day.... Sat: Take kids to PPP, do craft, pick up, go home. cook. Dress. PARTY. CRASH. Sun: Primary Program Mon: DO NOTHING! ALL DAY LONG!!!! Tues-Fri get stuff ready for Kevin's actual birthday, and wrap up Halloween shopping. I'm tired already. I'll be lucky if I make it through it all. The next post will probably be next week with pics of the Halloween bash! Today I shopped and shopped to get all the stuff for the party (with all three kids, no hubby remember? BAD IDEA) and got half of the room downstairs ready. Tomorrows the hard part. Annnndddd, its 10:30pm and I should be sleeping. And darn, I didn't run today, should be doing that now, but maybe all the moving of furniture took its place. (although I did have stupid Arctic circle for lunch) I better go to bed, now I'm just rambling. :) Night Night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

We went to a pumpkin patch last night and picked pumpkins! The kids had so much fun. It was a little farm close to where we live, so we didn't have to go too far. We wandered around until they found what they wanted. And then we only paid $14.00 for 5 pumpkins! Pretty good, I think. Were probably going to carve them next Monday. Then we came home and watched Nightmare Before Christmas, which after sitting down with them and watching it... its kinda scary for kids! They had already watched it a million times that day, and I hadn't paid attention to it. After all... I did get it in the mail from the DISNEY MOVIE CLUB! So now my kids are desensitized. Mom point for me. :) LOL ANYWAYS! We had fun, and have pumpkins to prove it:

Hannah wanted to help wheel the pumpkins, and she wouldn't let go! LOL!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a busy one. We left on Friday and went down to the in laws house. Madison didn't have school, and Kevin got off of work early, so we went down. We all hung out Friday night, and then on Saturday, we had girls craft day. We made 2 different witches. I only take claim on putting them together and painting them. My mother in law and sister in law cut the wood out. Then we headed back home that evening. We got a babysitter, and went out to eat at Chili's with his mom and dad, and his brother and wife. After that we went to The Haunted Mill. Okay, this was SCARY. I get scared easily, but this lasted for like 30 mins! I kept waiting for it to be over so I could calm down.... but it went on and on. You had to crawl through things, climb up things. And let me tell you, if you were the least bit heavy, you wouldn't be able to make it through some of the passage ways with out doing some major sucking in. LOL. We even had to cross an old rickety bridge over a river. And of course Kevin's brother couldn't help but shake it. I thought it was going to bust and we were going to fall to the bottom. And of course they put me 2nd to the front so that they could get me. :) It was fun though. Then yesterday (Sunday) I got in a baking mood and made homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Then made pumpkin pie, and then homemade clam chowder for dinner. We had some friends over for games that night too. We played Pinochle and the kids had their own fun. Madison and their little boy Dayton were so cute. They played the whole night together. And that was my weekend. Lots of fun, and full. Tonight were going to go pumpkin picking.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Halloween

Watch what happens to this lady. LOL.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged again

This one is called 7 weird things tag. I'm supposed to tell 7 weird things about my self. Hmmm, are you ready??

1. I can take my arms behind my back, one up and one down, hold on to my hands and then flip them to the front.

2. I like to eat a peanut butter, banana, and MAYONNAISE sandwich. (my husband wont kiss me after I eat it.)

3. I like the smell of fire burning the woods. Its a bad thing, but I love the smell. Campfire's also do the trick.

4. I am double jointed in my elbows, so if you ask me to hold my arms out, they bend backwards. I'm also double jointed in my fingers. So I can bend the top part of my fingers.

5. I don't like calling people. I have an issue with talking to strangers. Even if I'll never talk to them again. I make Kevin do all the calling on things.

6. I have to have two towels. One for my hair & face and one for my body. My husband thinks this is funny because in his family they just take whatever towel is the closest! AHHHHHHH, yuck. So when he's mad at me or wants to tease me, he'll take my HAIR & FACE towel and dry HIS body off with it. Gross. I immediately wash them if I know he did it. Except those moments that he starts laughing after my shower, then I know what he did. Then he really gets it. :)

7. Last but not least, I don't know if this is considered weird or not, but I do not like these foods, that most people like: Coconut, Grapefruit, Pineapple, and any type of nuts. And these foods aren't just a dislike, I HATE THEM. Wont eat em. I'd rather eat greens. Pina Colodas are defiantly on the yuck list. :)

Kay I tag:


Have fun.

Madisons school picture

We just got Madison's Kindergarten pictures back today. They turned out cute!

Book Fair

Last night we went to the elementary school for the book fair. Each of the big kids got to pick out 1 book. (of course they picked out the most expensive ones.) They had a great time looking through them all. Then they got to have their faces painted. Austin wasn't too sure about doing that until he saw that a pumpkin was on the list. He is all about Halloween these days. Then he was the one who actually sat still for her to do it!

Austin picked out Curious George (currently his favorite show) Halloween. Which as I said before he has thing for. Isn't he such a cute little man?

Madison picked out a Little Mermaid book, which is 100 PAGES!!! My goal was for her to pick out a book that she could read by herself. But instead of saying go pick any book you can read, I said go pick any book that you want. Yeah, I messed that one up. :) Guess who gets to read Little Mermaid for the next week? Madison is very into princesses being at that lovely age of 5. And then had to get a mystical unicorn with "sparkly hair" painted on her face :). She is such a girl, and I LOVE it. LOL.

Unfortunately Hannah didn't appreciate the book fair. So Daddy and Hannah had a fun time running around outside. Then we all went out for ice cream afterward. It was a fun night. Tonight we go to Madison's school again, but this time for the dreaded Parent Teacher conference. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

tagety tag tag tag

My friend Krissy tagged me with this cute photo tag. You have to go to your Pictures, pick the 6th Folder, and pick the 6th Picture. This is what I got.

Cute eh??? Kay now I tag 5 people, and then they do it and send it to 5 people.


Now go do it!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dad's 69th birthday!

Wow! Is it Wednesday already? I'm a slacker! Better get postin! :) This weekend we went to my sisters house in Utah to celebrate my Dad's 69th birthday. (wow thats old LOL) A lot of my brothers and sisters were there to help celebrate it. We all had a good time, and I took lots of pictures to document it.

Here's everyone having a good time and relaxing.

I love the picture of Madison and her cousin Eva reading. Madison can't read, but she sure fooled me here!

Here's my Mom in bed. She wasn't feeling well, so she unfortunately missed out on the whole thing. That's why I took so many pictures, so she could see it.

Cut the cake, and sneak a bite!
After all was said and done, the kids were bathed and sent downstairs to watch a movie, while the grownups had game time. They REALLY got into the movie. They didn't even know I was there!

And finally - here is Mike adorning one of Hannah's bows. Isn't he a pretty little girl? :)

Happy Birthday Dad!