Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Life Now

Mostly my life consits of cleaning the house for people to come see it, sewing little cute things for the girls, reading, traveling (back and forth from SLC, BLAH) and going to the beach. I love the beach. No its not really a beach like on the ocean, but its on a lake and there's sand all around it. Close enough for me. :) The kids like the water and the sand, I like the sun. LOL. Its so relaxing. We had a good 4th of July and I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 3rd. Kevin surprised me by coming back for my birthday. He didn't have off, so he came back for the morning, and then left in the afternoon. We ate birthday cake in the morning and I got a SURGER! It was awesome. I also went to the beach with the kids and then went back that night for Fireworks. That was so fun. We were actually on the beach this time, and it made all the difference being able to see it up close. Then on the fourth of July we went to my inlaws for a parade and for a bbq that got rained out. Rained out is an understatment. Actually it flash flooded their town. I got proof. It was crazy. It washed away the road. When we finally got out, we went to the Pocatello fireworks, and then drove back to Rigby. I had a busy week last week, and I have to say that I am quite enjoying being at home doing nothing this week. (well not nothing, of course some peps are coming to look at the house all the time, so I have to clean clean clean.) But its good to be home. In fact, I'm going to the beach today! OOOh, I can feel the sun now..... skin cancer here I come. LOL :)

Pictures from my birthday, dont look too closely, I don't have makeup on, it was only 8 in the morning and I just woke up! The other picture is us waiting for the fireworks on the beach. It was so cool.

The kids waiting for CANDY from the parade. It was a good parade. It lasted 50 mins! Thats a lot of candy. :)

My cute kids... I made the girls dresses. I got the fabric from walmart. It only cost me 3.75 for the yard and a half that I got. You can't beat that for 2 dresses. I made up the pattern, so its a one of a kind, Vanessa. :) LOL We took this picture of the family at the bbq, right before the HAIL and RAIN came. After this, the ground was covered in 2 feet of water.

This is Hannah and her cousin. Theyre only 10 days apart. They have a love/hate relationship. Here they are loving. Next one of them wacked the other. :)

This is after the flast flood rain storm. All the rain ran down from the mountains and the little colverts couldnt keep up. This video is the road going to my in laws house. We thought we were going to be stuck there. The raging river cut away the road.

This video is of my inlaws neighbors house, they dont have a road anymore.

Waiting for the fourth of July fireworks. Austin cuddled up with Grandpa Buetts. Then the kids playin with Uncle Adam. Notice the groovy glow in the dark jelwery.

The wonderful beach. My Little Hannah diggin up a storm. Can't wait to get out there.


tales from an oc cottage said...

Those dresses are adorable!

m ^..^

Laura said...

YAY, you're back!!!!! I know you sent us a 4th of July text and I loved the pic. I didn't realize you made the girls' dresses tho. HOLY crap, you're good. Sorry we didn't get back to ya on the 4th, we were dealing with Gabby's broken arm and now I'm babysitting my husband so he doesn't do anything crazy cuz of that concussion he got. We need to get together tho cuz we are pretty boring and you look like you're having a ton of fun!!!

Amy said...

Wow that is crazy I can't believe it took the road right away! I hope you are doing good, and good luck on selling your house that's always just a crazy ordeal!